Mentoplasty or chin surgery is a surgical procedure aimed to re-shape the chin, either by enhancement with an implant of fat tissue or by reduction surgery on the bone; improving the aesthetics and proportion of facial features.

This intervention can be performed by using three techniques:

  • Implant the prosthesis in the chin: This implant can be made of different materials, such as solid silicone, Medpor®, etc. It is possible to use an incision inside the mouth in order to place the implant, in the groove between the gum and the lower lip (intraoral route), or a small incision in the skin below the chin, similar to use in the lower facial third lifting or neck (external route).
  • Fatty tissue infiltration: Fat tissue from the same patient can be used, carrying out a lipostructure. Permanent results are obtained with this technique.
  • Advance or reduction surgery on the bone: This technique is carried out by advancing horizontal bone sections (or osteotomies), also by using the intraoral route. In these cases, the edge of the bone is displaced and immobilized in an exact and precise way, allowing correcting the defect and, if necessary, it is also possible to conveniently shorten a face that is too long.

Hospitalization will depend on the type of anesthesia used, however, if bone section occurs, hospitalization may be necessary. After the intervention, the area is immobilized, providing satisfactory results.

What different kinds of procedures are there?
  • Implant: silicone, Medpor®, etc.
  • Fatty tissue infiltration of the patient himself, achieving permanent results.
  • Advance or reduction on the chin bone.
Is hospitalization required?

It depends on the type of anesthesia. If the procedure is performed with local anesthesia and sedation, hospitalization is not necessary. Nevertheless, if the surgery is done with general anesthesia, hospitalization is required for one day.

How is the recovery process?

It may be necessary to immobilize the area after the surgery, by using a bandage, which will be removed few days later.

How is preoperative period?

The surgeon may recommend a chin surgery or procedure to a patient who undergoes a rhinoplasty, to achieve better facial proportions, since the size of the chin can increase or minimize the perceived size of the nose. The facial profile is improved too. It can also be agreed how many millimeters of advance will be achieved, and to perform a simulation prior the surgery.

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